Resolve NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue Error – Windows 10/11

When installing NVIDIA Graphics Driver on Windows 11, 10, or 8 machines, you may encounter one of the following issues:

NVIDIA Installer cannot continue, your system configuration is not supported.

In this article, we cover all the issues with proper solutions so that you can fix installation errors easily.

Method 1: Fix using Advanced System Repair Tool

Most commonly the NVIDIA Installer cannot continue error occurs due to the missing system files, damaged windows files, missing dll files, incorrect registry files, outdated drivers, outdated windows, pending updates, malware etc. It is recommended that you use Advanced System Repair Tool to scan and fix most of the windows issues.

Windows is made with huge number of dll files, exe files, sys files, various types of services, databases, etc so, it is not possible to keep monitoring all the files always. A brilliant PC Optimizer tool repairs damages, fix errors, update windows and drivers, and eliminate various types of errors silently.

Outbyte PC Repair Tool does all the above task easily and provides you an errorfree and smooth Windows environment to work so that you can focus on your business only.

3 Steps to Fix this Error
Step 1. Download Outbyte PC Repair Tool [File Size: 16.4 MB]
Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Method 2: Completely remove the previous installation of NVIDIA

If you have tried installing graphics drivers before, then you must perform a complete removal of previous traces of NVIDIA graphics before starting a fresh installation. Previous incomplete installation conflicts with current installation and creates problems. You can manually remove the previous NVIDIA graphics driver as follows:

Step 1: Right-click on the Start button and select Settings. Navigate to Apps ➜ Apps & Features. Find the NVIDIA Graphics Driver and NVIDIA Control Panel and uninstall them.

Remove NVIDIA Graphics card from control panel

Step 2: Navigate to File Explorer ➜ Windows Drive (usually C:) ➜ Find NVIDIA Corporation. Right-click on this folder and delete it.

Remove NVIDIA from Program Files

Step 3: Open Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Run command window. Before editing this file, you must create a backup of the Registry file and save it to an external location (pen drive, external SSD, etc).

Find the following keys and rename them.


Right-click on the NVIDIA Corporation and rename it to NVIDIA Corporation_old.

Rename NVIDIA from Registry File

Step 4: Reboot your PC to apply to change effect.
Step 5: Upon reboot, try to run NVIDIA Installer again.

Method 3: Run DDU for complete removal of NVIDIA traces.

If you are unable to remove the NVIDIA graphics driver manually, you can use the DDU tool for the complete removal of NVIDIA graphics. DDU is the short form of Display Driver Uninstaller, and this tool is used for removing the graphics drivers from your computer.

Search on Google “Download DDU Display Driver Uninstaller” and download it. Alternatively, you can download it from here.

Install this tool and run this tool in safe mode. This tool works well when you start your computer in safe mode. After that try to run fresh NVIDIA Installation file.

DDU Graphics Removal Tool

Method 4: Run Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

If you are getting problems installing or uninstalling any apps on your PC, then you can use Microsoft’s Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter for free. You can download this troubleshooter from Microsoft’s website.

Search Google/Bing “Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter” and open Microsoft’s site. Alternatively, you can download this tool from here.

Run this tool to fix any installation and uninstallation issues from the computer. This tool does the following task effectively.

  1. Fix corrupted registry entries.
  2. Fix the problems that prevent new installation.
  3. Fix the problems that prevent the previous uninstallation, etc.

Method 5: Restore Windows

Windows Restore Tool restores the windows settings at the last good configuration. This is one of the best methods to fix any critical issues in Windows operating systems.

Step 1: Click on the Start button and search for “Restore Point”, and open “Create a Restore point”.

Search Restore Settings in Start Menu

Step 2: Click on the System Restore button.

open system restore settings in windows 10 & 11

Step 3: Select Recommended restore and click Next. Go with the restore settings and complete the restoration process.

Recommended system restore windows 10 & 11

Step 4: After reboot, try to run NVIDIA Installer. Most probably you will not get the “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue” error.


If you are looking for a solution to NVIDIA Installer cannot continue problem, this article might help you a lot. Just follow the steps and guidelines and fix the display driver installation issues on Windows 11, 10, and 8.