Fix Runtime Error R6008 on Windows 10, 11 & Windows Server

You must be getting the error code R6008 while opening an app or installing apps in your Windows 10, 11, and Windows server machine. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix this runtime error and open the apps successfully.

What is Runtime Error R6008 and why does it appear?

You must be wondering why this error is occurring on your PC whereas all the other apps are running without any issue. There are some common reasons that are behind these problems.

  1. Internal memory problems.
  2. Bugs in the apps.
  3. Running apps with outdated drivers.
  4. Missing dll files
  5. Registry problems, etc.
How to get rid of runtime error R6008?

Well, there are some fixing methods are listed below that will help you in fixing this problem. Try each method one by one and get rid of the problem.

Method 1: Fix using Advanced System Repair Tool

If you are not sure which corner of your PC is throwing this error, you can try the Advanced System Repair tool to examine and fix this error automatically. This tool scans your PC against the problems and gives you a single button to fix and optimize your PC.

Windows is made with huge number of dll files, exe files, sys files, various types of services, databases, etc so, it is not possible to keep monitoring all the files always. A brilliant PC Optimizer tool repairs damages, fix errors, update windows and drivers, and eliminate various types of errors silently.

Outbyte PC Repair Tool does all the above task easily and provides you an errorfree and smooth Windows environment to work so that you can focus on your business only.

3 Steps to Fix this Error
Step 1. Download Outbyte PC Repair Tool [File Size: 16.4 MB]
Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Method 2: Restart your PC.

This is one of the best and easy solutions for any problems in any electronic device including a PC. If something is not working properly on your computer and you don’t know how to fix it, simply restart your PC. In the case of runtime error R6008, this trick also works.

Method 3: Fix Low Memory Problem

Some programs are highly memory intensive and need a lot of memory to work properly. If your PC has lower amount of RAM installed, add some more RAM space to fix this problem. Alternatively, you can close all the other applications or restart your PC to free up some space.

Method 4: Bug in the program

Mostly the Runtime Error R6008 occurs due to bugs in the application. The variables defined in the application’s program are eating too much memory and causing this problem. You can fix this problem by repairing the installed apps, installing the latest updates, or re-installing the application with the latest one.

Method 5: Repair Visual C++ Runtime Library

The MSVC packages are developed by Microsoft, and it is required by various third-party apps to work properly. The MSVC packages are set of libraries that provide additional functionality to several other third-party apps. If these packages are missing from your computer or it is corrupted, then the application may start raising Runtime Error R6008 on the screen. It is a good idea to repair MSVC packages to avoid further errors.


In this article, we discussed how can you remove or fix Runtime Error R6008 from your computer. If applications are not running properly and giving you R6008 error then read this article thoroughly to fix this issue.