Repair & Re-Install MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package Windows 10 & 11

If you have been using Windows-based OS for a long time, you might have heard the name Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for sure. The importance of this file is so big that you cannot run most of the apps on Windows System without installing the MSVC package. In this article, I will explain in easy words what is MSVC++ Redistributable Package, how to install it, and if something bad happens, how to repair, remove or re-install.

What is Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package?

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package is a set of libraries, that most of the Windows applications & games use. Most of the applications are built using the Visual Studio framework and Visual Studio adds several dependencies DLL files to the project. When you install this app on your PC, the apps require to use dependency DLL file. If that DLL file is not available on your PC, you might get the following errors.
MSVCR90.DLL Missing Error
MSVCP100.dll not found
Msvcr110.dll not found
Msvcp110.dll not found
Msvcp120.dll not found
Msvcp140.dll not found

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package installs a set of libraries, C Runtime components (CRT), Standard C++, MFC, C++ AMP, and OpenMP. that various apps use as dependencies. It is advisable not to delete or uninstall any MSVC++ package otherwise you will get the various DLL not found errors or runtime errors on your machine.

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3 Steps to Fix this Error
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Download Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library on Windows 8, 10 & 11

If you are getting some msvcr.dll not found error or C Runtime Library error when installing an app or opening apps, it means you need to download the latest version of the MSVCR file and repair all the previous installed MSVCR files.

Step 1: To download this file, just google “Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable” or open the following link. This library is free to download, install and use.

Step 2: Download the MSVCR Library file according to your System Architecture. If you don’t know what your System Architecture is, just click on Start Menu and search for “System Information”.


Step 3: Open System Information and here, you can see your CPU architecture.


Step 4: Download MSVCR Library and double click on it to install it.


Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

Most of the necessary Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is preinstalled with Windows Operating System and works like a charm with most of the apps. Unfortunately, sometimes it starts raising the problem with newly installed apps. This is because the newly installed apps could not bound themselves with the MSVCR file. In this situation, you need to repair the MSVCR installation to work correctly. Just follow the given steps to repair the pre-installed MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

Step 1: Open Settings. Go to Apps > Apps & Features.

apps & feature in windows 10/11

Step 2: Here, find all the installations with the name of “Microsoft Visual C++”, click on them and if Modify button is enabled, click on the Modify button.


Step 3: User Account Control dialog box will appear and will ask for your administrative permission. Click on the Yes button.
Step 4: The setup will start processing and you will see the following dialog box on the screen.


Step 5: After completing the repairing process, you will see the Setup Successful message on the screen.


Step 6: Do the same operation for all the MSVCR Installation which has enabled Modify button.
Step 7: Make a simple reboot and you have successfully repaired all your MSVCR Installation.


This article explains what Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is and how to repair it if gets corrupted or damaged.