Step by Step Fix Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process.

If you encounter the error message “Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background” during the installation or update of Windows 10, here are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue. Usually, this type of problems occur when you try to install Windows 10/11 as a secondary OS.

Error message:

0x800700B7- 0x2000A: Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background.

Understanding the error

This error typically occurs when the Windows installation or upgrade process conflicts with another running process in the background. This background process can be a system process, malware, ransomware, adware, or viruses. Since this error is not common, there is no specific method to fix it. However, we have provided some helpful methods below that may assist you in resolving this error.

Step by Step fix to Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background.

Encountering the “Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background” error can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, it can be resolved. By restarting your computer, closing unnecessary processes, disabling startup programs, disconnecting peripherals, checking for malware, installing in Safe Mode, using different installation media, and ensuring hardware compatibility, you increase your chances of successfully completing the installation or upgrade process.

Method 1: Fix using the PC Repair Tool

If you are getting the error message “Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly” during the installation process, there are steps you can take to resolve the issue. One effective solution is to utilize a PC repair tool. PC repair tools are software applications designed to diagnose and fix various issues within the Windows operating system.

To fix the error, start by downloading a reputable PC repair tool from a trusted source. Install the tool on your computer and launch it. Then, follow the tool’s instructions to perform a system scan. The scan will identify any underlying problems that may be causing the Windows Setup termination.

Once the scan is complete, the repair tool will offer options to fix the identified issues. Select the appropriate repair option related to the Windows Setup termination problem. The tool will then proceed to automatically resolve the issue.

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3 Steps to Fix this Error
Step 1. Download Outbyte PC Repair Tool [File Size: 16.4 MB]
Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Method 2: Restart your computer.

This is supposed to be the first step in troubleshooting your computer. Restarting devices can fix most problems straight away. Whether it’s your PC or another electronic device causing issues, restarting is a basic yet effective method to resolve problems.

Method 3: Close unnecessary processes

Go to Service manager and close/end all the unnecessary/third party processes before running the Windows setup. You can do it as follows:

Step 1: Open Task manager. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and click on the Processes tab.


Step 2: Set view mode to Group by type. Click on the three dots on the above right corner of task manager → View → Group by type.


Step 3: Scroll to Background processes section → Right click on the unnecessary processes → End task.


Method 4: Disable startup applications.

Some applications on your Windows machine are configured to launch at startup. These startup applications can cause issues during the installation or updating of Windows. To resolve the problem of unexpected termination during Windows Setup, you need to remove the application from the “launch at startup” list.

Step 1: Open Task manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc and go to the Startup apps tab.


Step 2: Click on the Status column to grouping it by enabled or disabled.


Step 3: Right click on Enabled item and select Disable.


Method 5: Disconnect external devices.

When installing Windows, the operating system attempts to detect and configure all connected devices. If certain external devices such as printers, webcams, gaming consoles, etc., are not detected by Windows, the system will continue to wait for detection and eventually generate an error message stating, “Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background.”

It is a best practice to disconnect all external peripherals from the computer before starting the Windows installation. After disconnecting the external devices, perform a simple reboot and proceed with the Windows installation.

Method 6: Use Safe Mode to Install Windows

If the error persists, try installing Windows in Safe Mode. This mode loads only the essential drivers and services, minimizing the chances of interference.

To open Windows 10/11 in safe mode, follow the articles:

Method 7: Use Different Installation source.

Your Windows OS installation media might be corrupted or damaged, which could be the cause of the error you are encountering. It is essential to check the installation source and, if possible, replace the installation disc or USB.

By verifying and potentially replacing the installation source, you can eliminate potential corruption or damage, increasing the chances of a successful Windows OS installation without encountering the same error.

Method 8: Check for malware/trojan/viruses

It is necessary to scan your computer for malware, trojans, and viruses, and clean your PC by removing them using a reliable antivirus security program. Malware and trojans are among the primary reasons behind the “Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background” error. They often run in the background and can trigger the same error.

To address this issue, it is crucial to install a reputable antivirus security program and conduct a thorough scan of your computer. The antivirus software will detect and remove any malware, trojans, or viruses that may be present on your system. By eliminating these harmful programs, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering the same error during the Windows Setup process.

Regularly updating and running scans with your antivirus software is essential to maintain a secure and error-free computer environment.

Method 9: Check hardware compatibility/requirements/failure

You must check the hardware compatibility before installing the Windows OS. It is possible that your hardware is either outdated or damaged, which could be causing the error you are encountering during the Windows OS installation process. To resolve this issue, visit the official Microsoft website and review the minimum requirements for installing Windows. If your hardware does not meet these requirements, it is necessary to upgrade to a suitable version of hardware.

Additionally, perform checks on your hard disk/SSD, RAM, processor, and motherboard to identify any faults. If any issues are found, repair or replace the faulty components accordingly.

By ensuring hardware compatibility and addressing any hardware-related problems, you can increase the chances of a successful Windows OS installation without encountering the aforementioned error.


If you are facing the error “Windows Setup terminated unexpectedly due to another process running in the background,” this article provides useful methods to resolve the issue. Follow the guidelines step by step to fix the Windows installation error.