Guaranteed fix Windows error 0x80004005 easily

You may receive Windows Update Error 0x80004005 when you try to update Windows 10. This error may continuously appear and block update process. In this article, I will tell you all the possible ways to fix this error. You must bookmark this article because you may to restart your PC several times. Read all the steps and methods carefully and apply following methods to fix this update failure error 0x80004005.

Why Windows Update Error 0x80004005 Occurs?

The most and famous reason behind this error is corrupted update folder. Your windows update folder is corrupted so that you are getting this update error. However, several also other reasons are there that may cause the same problem. I will discuss other problems later on this articles.

How to fix Windows Update Error 0x80004005?

In order to fix this error, you have several options. If you are not so technical and want to fix this update error easily and automatically then go for method 1. However, you can also fix this error manually.

Method 1: Fix using Advanced System Repair Tool

The most of the common reason behind windows update failed is corrupted or damaged system files like DLL files, EXE files, sys files etc. There are thousands of tiny system files are there that work specific task. If one of the files gets replaced, deleted or damaged then you may get windows update error 0x80004005.

Windows is made with huge number of dll files, exe files, sys files, various types of services, databases, etc so, it is not possible to keep monitoring all the files always. A brilliant PC Optimizer tool repairs damages, fix errors, update windows and drivers, and eliminate various types of errors silently.

Outbyte PC Repair Tool does all the above task easily and provides you an errorfree and smooth Windows environment to work so that you can focus on your business only.

3 Steps to Fix this Error
Step 1. Download Outbyte PC Repair Tool [File Size: 16.4 MB]
Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Download and Install Advanced System Repair Tool and scan your PC. It has the large database with 25 million of files. It will find all the damaged or deleted system files and reinstall them with the fresh one. After, optimizing with Advanced System Repair Tool, try to install windows update again.

Method 2: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows Update Troubleshooter is the great and easiest method to fix this error. You can run Windows Update Troubleshooter in following manner.

1. Click on Start Menu and search for Troubleshoot. Click on Troubleshooting.
2. Under System and Security, click on Fix Problems with Windows Update
3. It will launch troubleshooting wizard. Follow the instruction and start troubleshooting process. After finishing this process, when you again update Windows 10, you will notice that the update error 0x80004005 has gone.

Method 3: Restart wuauserv, bits and cryptsvc services

The wuauserv, bits and cryptsvc service are responsible for running windows update successfully. If these service gets trouble then it also cause problems in windows update. Here is the steps to restart update services.

1 Open command prompt as administrator and run following command one by one. Do not close this command prompt.

net stop wuauserv
net stop bits
net stop cryptsvc

2 Now, rename Windows Update folder. Run following command in opened command prompt.

ren %systemroot%\System32\Catroot2 Catroot2.old
ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

3 Start the update service again. Run following commands one by one.

net start wuauserv
net start bits
net start cryptsvc

4 Close the command prompt and if possible then restart your PC. Start update process again and hopefully you will not get the above error.

Method 4: Run Windows Update Reset Script as administrator.

Microsoft itself release script to fix windows update related errors. Download the script from following link and run as administrator. It will automatically does all the reset jobs for you easily.

Method 5: Run System File Checker Tool

If there is system file corruption inside windows then you may also get the same error as well as other error. You must run system file checker tool in following manner.
1. Open command prompt as administrator.
2. Paste following command and press enter. It will scan for corrupted system files and repair them.

sfc /scannow

3. Close command prompt after finishing and try to update windows again.

Most of the time this error appears due to several unknown reasons that is very tough to find for a human. In this case you need advanced system repair tool that scans entire PC quickly and deeply and fixes every corner of PC problems. If you are tired of fixing 0x80004005 error manually then you must try this optimizer tool once.

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